How To Renovate Your Bathroom On A Budget?

Bathroom renovations are one of those things that are usually a net positive for the value of the home. Unfortunately, they are also relatively expensive. A complete remodel running somewhere between $10,000 to $50,000. 

However, if you haven’t the money to spend on a complete remodel, don’t worry. There are many things you can do to upgrade and update your bathroom, without having to break the bank. That said, here are some ideas on how to renovate your bathroom on a budget.

Install new fittings

One of the cheapest and easiest ways to update your bathroom without spending too much money is to install new fittings on your sink, bath, and shower. This could mean a complete replacement of the taps if you want to spend a little more. Brass and gold fixtures are back in style this year. 

However, if you want to opt for something a bit more modern, you could always stick with the stainless steel look. For the shower, again, if you want to spend a bit more money, try going techy, with a new ‘smart’ shower system. But, if you haven’t the money to spend on that, stick with the new fittings for now.


Another relatively inexpensive way to give your bathroom new life is with a splash of paint. Whether you’re looking for a brightly coloured bathroom or something a bit darker — black and white are in style, as grey was last year’s colour craze. A fresh coat of paint can do wonders to any space.

Replacing the toilet

One of the best upgrades you can give to your bathroom is a new toilet. If your old one is looking a bit antiquated or is starting to provide you with issues. If you’d like to switch to something a bit more environmentally friendly, it’s time to upgrade your old toilet. 

New toilets don’t have to be particularly expensive, either, but you should always get a professional plumber to install them. If you’re going green, consider the purchase of an eco-friendly, low-flow toilet, this will save your water and save you money in the long run, as your water usage goes down, so does your water bill.

Go pre-fabricated

Typically, one of the most expensive parts of a bathroom remodel is the shower unit. But it doesn’t have to be very expensive — you can cut down on the costs by going prefabricated. These prefab shower units come ready to install. All you need to do is pop them into place, seal them and hook them up to your water supply.

Another prefab option is your countertops. If you’re looking to redo your countertop space, you don’t need to buy quartz or granite; you can install your own vanity countertop — a laminate alternative that is far cheaper (and lighter than the stone alternative). This typically comes with a pre-cut sink and faucet hole, up to 60 inches long, and can be easily popped into place without much fuss.

Don’t move too much around

It’s very easy to get caught up in the excitement of a remodel of any space, and by the time you stop and think, you’ve torn out the sink and cabinets and the toilet and you’re left with a big mess but no real plan of what’s next. Take the time to think carefully about your space and resist the urge to move major items around if instead, you could spruce them up a little.

Do what you can yourself

One of the easiest ways to spend a lot of money is to get professionals to do everything for you. And while they certainly have their place and are certainly beneficial to any home renovation or remodel, the more work you can do yourself, the more money you’ll save. YouTube is a great teacher for all the simple things — and in general, the simpler you make your bathroom remodel, the more money you’ll save. You’d be amazed at what you can do by yourself.

If you’re looking to remodel your bathroom, know that it doesn’t have to be a very expensive endeavour and that there are many different ways to save money. A new bathroom simply requires a bit of ingenuity and a willingness to do some of the work yourself. And, if you need a hand with your bathroom plumbing, then get in touch with Tap This Plumbing today!

How To Plan A Bathroom Renovation?

If your bathroom is old and outdated, renovation may be the best way to turn it into a functional, durable, and stylish throne room fit for a Lannister. Simply by following the advice below, you can ensure your bathroom renovation will be a total success.

Step 1: Plan ahead

Your bathroom reno will involve a big chunk of money and time, so before you dive right in, it’s a good idea to make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into. Once you’re adequately equipped with information, you can start planning everything out by setting a proper schedule.

This will ensure things are done right the first time and in the right order too. This is also handy to know if you live in a single bathroom household so you can plan somewhere you and the family can all “go” during the renovation.

Step 2: Get some design ideas

This is when you can start thinking about the intricate details of your dream bathroom and get a little creative. Go through lifestyle websites, read house magazines, and watch those reno shows on TV to get new ideas for your bathroom reno. 

With so many cool and new design ideas for bathroom renovations, it’s a good idea to create a mood board with materials, designs, bathtubs, tiles, colour swatches, and magazine pictures.

Step 3: Create a functional layout

Start by measuring up all of the dimensions of your existing bathroom, including the location of the existing fixtures. You should also draw the floorplan from above with toilet, basin, shower, and bath clearly marked, as well as each wall individually showing doors and windows. 

Don’t forget to include where all of the plumbing is located. If you’re unsure, you can always ask any plumber who has come to your house in the past to fix your blocked toilet or broken pipe. This will ensure you understand any limitations so your new layout maximises all available space.

Step 4: Avoid open shelving

There are a few reasons a bathroom with open shelving is a bad idea, especially if it’s only small. For starters, it’s very difficult to make open shelves look organised. 

It’s also impossible to keep bacteria out of open shelving, especially when they’re used for the storage of clean towels or toothbrushes. Design all of your bathroom storage to include cabinet doors and drawers, as well as drawer dividers and baskets to help keep things organised.

Step 5: Plan for easy maintenance

When choosing floor and wall coverings, remember how annoying it is to keep white tiles and grout lines looking clean and pristine. The best way to avoid creating a bathroom that always needs cleaning and keeping maintenance to a minimum is by staying away from light coloured tiles and excess grout lines. 

When choosing your bathroom’s design style, using large size tiles will also help, especially around the shower area.

Step 5: Consider bathroom space

Sure, plenty of people love having a bathtub. But just as many people much prefer showers and barely even look at the tub unless it needs to be cleaned. 

Bathtubs can be nice to offer guests, and great if you’re actually going to use it often enough, but will it really be worth it if you don’t use them? 

If you decide it’s simply taking up too much valuable space which could be better used in other ways, try designing your bathroom without it and consider the money you could save.

Step 6: Leave it to the pros

While some homeowners are pretty handy with a little DIY, a full bathroom reno is best left to the professionals. You can save money by doing a little demo work or some painting if you really want to. 

But trying to cut corners with a bathroom reno might otherwise end up costing you much more than letting tradies do it all properly the first time. This is particularly the case for skilled jobs like tiling the floor, laying bricks, and electrical or plumbing works that legally must be completed by licenced and qualified trades.

Step 7: Don’t be boring

Not everyone gets the chance to renovate a bathroom however they like, so get creative with it. Let loose and throw in some unique design ideas that are as individual as you are. 

You have the chance to create an updated, elegant, or stylishly functional bathroom, so make as many changes as you can afford to make. Change the tile styles, repaint the walls, and include some of the latest smart home functions if you like. 

If you want your bathroom renovations to be as amazing in reality as it is in your head, remember to plan ahead, listen to the experts, and design equally for style and functionality. And, if you need a hand with the plumbing for your bathroom renovation, then get in touch with Tap This Plumbing today!

6 Ways To Stay On-Track During A Home Makeover

We all know home makeovers of any sort are stressful, particularly if you’re struggling to enact whatever vision you have for your space. It can be easy to get lost in the process and start to think ‘why did I change anything at all?’, but it’s essential that you ask yourself that question and really think hard about it before you go full-speed ahead into a home makeover of any scale.

Here are some things to consider before starting a home makeover, so that you don’t lose yourself:

1. Think and plan long and hard

Ask yourself that all-important question: “Why?” What don’t you like about your current home? If you have the money to change it, what would you change and why? Is there anything you can do to make it more liveable, rather than throwing out the baby with the proverbial bathwater? 

You could make a list of all of the changes that you seek to make in your space and then cost them out. See if you can wait to make certain changes. See if there are alternative options. Explore all of your options before you get into the process of remodelling.

2. Take all the help you can get

One of the nicest things about home remodelling is the number of friends and family that’ll often offer to help you with certain things, like painting or deck-building, or whatever. Take that help. You’re going to want all the help you can get to take as much stress off you as possible.

3. Maximise your problem-solving

One of the best things you can do for your current space is to maximise it. This doesn’t mean throwing everything into it that you can, but see where the space is being lost. Walk into a room and rather than focusing on the clutter and ‘stuff’, envision what you’d like it to look like. 

Think of solutions, rather than problems. Could you remove a wall, thereby creating an open concept? Could you get rid of one piece of furniture that you don’t use very often to create space to move things around? There’s always a solution to a problem.

4. Boost the amount of natural light

If one of the issues you have with your space is that it isn’t bright enough — rather than painting (although this is an option), one of the solutions could be to boost the amount of natural light. Install new windows in the chosen room and let more light in. It’s incredible what a burst of natural light can do to an otherwise dark space.

5. Don’t forget about the bathroom

One of the often neglected areas of the house is the bathroom; so if you’re planning on giving your home a makeover, you might consider a bathroom remodel as well. 

There are several simple steps you can take to revitalise the space, and they don’t have to break the bank. This includes new taps and faucets, a fresh paint, a new tiling, a different prefab shower and much more.

6. Function over form

Think logically about your space. Walk through each space in the house that you want to change and imagine how best you might do that, with functionality in mind. 

Too often, homeowners lose themselves in the ‘stuff’ they’ve accumulated and don’t consider the functionality of their space. Bear in mind that you can only occupy one space at any one time, and that space is only as wide as your body. Choose functionality over form.

Final thoughts

Whatever your reason for doing a home makeover and however far you want to take the project — bear in mind that it will be a stressful time, but that stress can be mitigated and solutions can be found to every problem. Your home makeover can go smoothly and easily, so long as you go into it with a plan but are okay with things changing on the fly and can adapt easily to changes in your plan.

Following some of the above-mentioned simple steps can help make your home makeover easier on you, your wallet and your home. And, if you need a hand with your home remodel plumbing, then get in touch with Tap This Plumbing today!

Top 5 Bathroom Designer Favourites You Need To Know

The bathroom is one of the most visited rooms in a house, and yet it’s also often the most overlooked when it comes to interior design trends. With research suggesting that adults spend an average of 416 days out of their lives in the bathroom, it is worth making sure your bathroom is a place that you love — both in terms of practicality and trendy designs. 

The following is a list of favourite bathroom designs, separating them by themes to help you grasp a wider sense of inspiration. If you’re looking to upgrade and renovate your bathroom, then here are 5 bathroom designer favourites that you need to know.

1. Nice and natural

There is nothing more relaxing than nature, so look outside for some inside inspiration. Adding plants to your bathroom is a great and inexpensive way of incorporating natural themes, adding a touch of freshness for even the most minimalist of styles. Partner your greenery with wooden shelves and a subtle colour palette to complement a captivatingly simplistic yet elegant space, all ready for your relaxation. 

Use a large mirror in a strategic place to aid any natural light, and delicately scatter your favourite smelling lotions and candles within reach of a clean white bathtub. This design is fresh, durable and easy to maintain. 

2. The functional family 

Revise your bathroom decor to suit your family’s busy routine. Whether you’re potty training little ones or trying to manage a speedy school morning schedule, enhance aspects of your bathroom to help you save time and space. Think fun colourful bath mats, child lock cupboards, labelled hooks for pyjamas, and cupboards or shelves dedicated to bath toys. 

If you’re open to some renovations, there are plenty of ideas around that will help you to create a great design for a busy family. For more lowkey decoration ideas that don’t require professionals, keep in mind that a tidy bathroom could make all the difference, so think about the must-haves, where you’re going to store them, and how organised you want your bathroom to be. 

3. Fun and funky 

Modern design trends are often inspired by past interior favourites, and this theme is no exception. Consider giving your bathroom a retro redo with bold 70s style photo prints against peachy pastel or classically coloured walls. Add some personal touches, like photo frames and uniquely patterned towels, to style it to your taste. 

Use big plants and circle-shaped mirrors to add a bohemian Woodstock style twist. Or you might opt for a vintage bathroom look that’ll have you listening to the sounds of the 70s whilst you soak the day away. There are plenty of options available; just let your imagination go wild and find a design that best suits your personality and your home’s style.

4. Romantic oasis

For couples old and young, nothing says romance like a hot relaxing bath. Utilise empty spots on your vanity to add aromatic candles and flowers, and keep your feet warm with a luxury cream bath mat. Keep to a neutral or light pastel colour scheme to avoid a cluttered-looking bathroom. 

Consider adding a double shower or a free-standing bath to add an elegant focal point, truly embracing that honeymoon hotel style. Lighting is so important when it comes to setting a mood for a room, so for the romance aspect, look into dimmable lights to create a perfect day to night contrast. 

5. The modern must-have 

Our final trend mixes accessibility with ease and class, adding a luxurious look to your bathroom. Though this design may at first glance seem intimidating to the less tech-savvy, it is actually created to reduce the number of steps in your bathroom routine. 

A jacuzzi bath, heated flooring, and spa-like decor are no longer reserved for the rich and famous, speak to a consultant to achieve that bespoke celebrity style for a fraction of the cost. 

Which bathroom trend is your favourite?

Incorporate these ideas with your favourite bathroom essentials, or take yourself shopping for great products that will help finalise the overall look of the room. 

Upgrading your bathroom decor can be as simple as you like, with adding plants or a lick of paint to walls and existing furniture, producing incredible results. Make your bathroom worth your time. And, if you need a hand with upgrading your bathroom, then get in touch with Tap This Plumbing today! 

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