DIY Guide: 4 Simple Steps To Fix A Leaking Tap

If your tap is leaking slowly and you are looking for a quick and fairly easy DIY job, you might be able to get your tap back to tip-top shape without the need to call in a plumber. By following a few simple steps, you can save some money and get your tap back to normal quickly. 

If you have a screwdriver, rubber seals, O ring replacement, and some silicone on hand, you can get your taps back in great condition in no time at all. 

How to fix your leaking tap yourself 

First, you should determine the location of the leak, is it up near the handle or is it under the sink in the supply tube, you might need to check the stop valve as well to get an idea of exactly where the issue is located. 

Step 1: Turn off the water at the wall and remove the tap handle 

Before you start any work on your taps or plumbing you should always turn off the water to make sure you don’t get sprayed with water once you start your DIY. To remove the handle, you just need to figure out if there is a small screw that needs to be removed or if you have to use an Allen key or wrench. You will be able to figure this out at a glance. Once you have done this, it is time to replace the washers or discs for the tap.

Step 2: Take off washers and O rings 

For taps that have washers and O rings, now is the time to replace the parts with other washers or O rings. The easiest way to do this is to take the washers from your tap to your local hardware to ensure you are choosing an exact fit. If your tap has cartridges, you can take these to your hardware store and get them replaced to fix onto the taps in the following steps. 

Step 3: Clean in and around the inside of the taps 

Once everything is in parts, it is a great time to have a quick clean of the parts and add some silicone to the inside of the tap to ensure it is in good condition.  You can use a toothbrush to do this or some clean, dry wipes. 

Step 4: Add everything back together in reverse 

Now it is time to add everything back together to make sure your tap is in perfect order. Once you have re-assembled everything, you will need to turn the water back on and test everything is running well.

It is super important to ensure you source the right parts for your leaking taps, and while it might seem like you are running around the hardware store to find these small bits and pieces, it is essential that you get the right materials so that the tap works well. 

Final remarks

Many taps have their own repair kit which you can purchase from plumbing providers to get all of the parts and pieces in one handy pack, otherwise, suppliers such as Bunnings will have extensive plumbing accessories and parts available for most mainstream plumbing and tap brand. 

If you find that the steps didn’t end up solving your leaking tap issue, it is important to get in an experienced and licensed plumber to assist with the work. No matter the size of the job, a plumber has the experience and background to help with any problem and if you don’t feel confident doing the DIY plumbing yourself, you should call in someone to ensure the works get done properly and without delay. Get in touch with Tap This Plumbing if you need a hand with a plumbing emergency or for your general plumbing needs.

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