8 Things to Consider When Remodelling A Kitchen

The kitchen has to be all things at once — from a social hub to a cooking space and, for some — even a makeshift office. So, when the time comes to remodeling a kitchen, it’s important that you think about every last detail, to ensure that the end result looks great and functions perfectly, too.

However, even though kitchens are one of the most commonly remodelled rooms in any house, there are still plenty of things that people often get wrong. With it being particularly expensive to redo your kitchen from top to bottom, we figured we’d round up some top tips, to help you get it just right.

1. Start with a schedule 

Remodelling a kitchen is a lengthy process, and there are a lot of factors to consider. So, you’ll need to plan your renovation and plan it well. You don’t want to find yourself at a crucial point without the materials you need or the right tradespeople booked in. 

Assure the success of your project with a schedule that takes into account your overall goals and timeline. A good plan will help you stick to your budget better, too. 

2. Incorporate what you need

Function has to take precedence in a kitchen. For one thing, the room is home to a number of large appliances, so you’ll have to factor those into your design. 

You’ll also need adequate storage and food prep space, as well as space for people to gather. How you incorporate these necessary elements is entirely up to you.

3. Think about layout

Layout is crucial in any renovation, but particularly when you’re doing a room as important as the kitchen. 

So, once you’ve figured out what you need, you can start properly mapping your layout, by measuring the space and thinking about what will fit and where. This will give you an insight into what the end result will be, so you have something to work towards.

4. Style as well as substance 

Even though functionality should be your primary concern, the look of your kitchen is also key. 

For an attractive space that has everything you need, be on the lookout for cabinets, flooring, and homeware that will work hard and look great together. You should, for example, choose flooring that works well with the style of your new kitchen and won’t stain or scuff easily. 

5. Find the perfect cabinets 

Cabinets will play a leading role in just about any kitchen. Not only do you need them for your food and crockery, they also give you your all-important countertops. 

If you have sloping floors or leaning walls, then you’ll need to make sure you scribe and trim your cabinets, so that they fit perfectly when installed. Fail to think about these things, and you could end up with uneven countertops.

6. Update your plumbing 

Overhauling the design of your kitchen offers ample opportunity to make updates behind the scenes. Say your plumbing is old or problematic. Why not tear the whole thing out and start afresh?

With new technologies, you can say goodbye to leaky sinks and inefficient plumbing systems. It’s also possible to make your water consumption an awful lot greener, with the help of a specialist.   

7. Get the lighting right

You could go from prepping dinner in the kitchen in the afternoon to having a glass of wine around the island that evening. Resultantly, a well-lit kitchen is a happy kitchen.

With the right lighting layers, including task lighting, accent lighting, and ambient lighting, you can make the space either practical or atmospheric, as and when you need it. And, don’t forget to place your lights appropriately. There’s no point having bright spotlights if they cast a shadow over the countertops. 

8. Don’t forget the details

One last thing to remember is that the devil is in the detail. In a space that has to work so hard from morning till night, it’s pretty much impossible to over-plan. 

Everything from the spacing of the appliances to the placement of your tiles is important. You could end up with an overcrowded room, or too little tile for the wall, or ill-fitting fixtures if you don’t take into account every little thing. If you need a hand with installing your new kitchen, then get in touch with Tap This Plumbing today!

Interior Design Tips For A New Kitchen This Year

Starting a new year means a lot of different things for different people. Whether that’s starting a new job, starting a new relationship, moving to a new town, whatever the case may be, there has never been a better year to begin something new. 

For others, that ‘new’ thing may be a brand new kitchen! If that is you, congratulations, you’ve come to the right place for kitchen renovation ideas. Here are five of the best kitchen renovation ideas for the new year for those that are interested in becoming an interior designer or as a mechanism that “adds value” to your property or rental. Here’s what you need to know.

1. Replace your plumbing 

If you’ve recently moved into an old house, chances are that you’re looking to do some kitchen renovations. Or, perhaps you’ve bought a brand new house and are left with a blank canvas upon which to paint your kitchen vision. Either way, this presents a unique opportunity to re-do or begin a new fully-plumbed kitchen, utilizing the latest technology and tossing convention aside for ecologically-friendly, new ways of doing things. 

Say you’re fixing a leaky tap in the old kitchen and decide to just tear the whole thing out, baby out with the bathwater and all that. Then you’ll need to hire a specialist green plumber to help you figure out how to ‘greenify’ your existing plumbing, or install a whole new environmentally-friendly setup. 

One of the best things you can do right away is to install low-flow faucets in your kitchen. This will reduce your water consumption anywhere from 30-50% per year. 

2. Update the lighting 

Another way to save money in the kitchen is by updating your lighting. Say you’re operating with old, inefficient bulbs, or don’t have much natural light. Well, if you have the budget for it, put in another window or several (if you’re starting from scratch), let natural light be your friend in the kitchen. Nobody likes a dark and dingy kitchen space. 

Alternatively, if additional windows aren’t an option, consider motion-detection lights, or change your incandescent light bulbs for something like a compact fluorescent light, which is far more environmentally friendly. 

3. New cabinets 

Perhaps nobody told you, but the stock cabinets that came with your kitchen space look terrible. They’re in need of an upgrade and 2021 is the year to do that. Whether you’re looking for a wood finish or something a bit more dark and moody (perhaps good if you’ve got plenty of light or windows to let light in), replacing your kitchen cabinetry will get your new kitchen off to a great start. 

4. Sinks, sinks, and more sinks 

While there is such a thing as too many sinks, it really is fashionable and perhaps even necessary nowadays to have more than one sink. Something to go along with your new low-flow faucet setup should be multiple sinks. 

Perhaps one for storing dishes and one for washing them, including a drying rack of some sort. If you want to give back to the earth, even more, consider installing a garburator or a garbage disposal unit to grind up your organic ingredients and create compost for the garden. 

5. Bring back the wallpaper 

Yes, that’s so 1970s. But hey, the 70s were cool! One other decorative option rather than your traditional painted walls would be to reconstitute the old trend of home wallpapers by putting some of it in your kitchen. If your kitchen’s theme is bright white, consider adding something that compliments it nicely such as a light blue or even bright blue wallpaper. 

Wallpaper might seem like something straight out of the 1970s, but nevertheless, putting it back into your kitchen is a far cheaper option than painting the whole thing white, which is yet another trend.

How To Renovate Your Kitchen On A Budget

Making your old kitchen new again can be a challenge. There are so many considerations to make and things to take into account. If you don’t necessarily have the money to spend on brand new things, it can make this task that much more difficult. But that’s where this handy five-step guide comes in. We’ll give you some tips on making your money go farther in a new kitchen space. 

Paint your old kitchen cabinets 

Painting your kitchen is a relatively inexpensive way to breathe new life into it. Those old wooden kitchen cabinets that haven’t been touched in 30 years since you bought them new? Give them a new look with some white paint, if that’s the look you’re going for. Or, re-varnish and stain them, if you’d like to maintain the wood facade. Rather than spending a thousand or more on brand new kitchen cabinetry, simply paint the ones you already have.

Consider which color scheme you want to go with before you start. Brighter colors will obviously brighten the space up and make it seem larger and bigger than it did before. Darker colors will minimize the space and focus the attention. The latter option works well if you have a centerpiece in the kitchen, like an island.

If you’re looking to mix and match, navy blue and white are a good combination for upper and lower cabinets. Or, if you’re looking for a solid color, white and grey are good options. 

Reimagine your benchtops 

Benchtops are the sort of thing that goes in when the kitchen is installed, then doesn’t get looked at again for 10 years. All kinds of things get spilled on them, hit into them, break on top of them, and yet nobody gives them a second thought. 

Well, if you’re on a budget, a great way to save money would be to simply repair your benchtops, rather than replacing them. What about a small-cost repair to your stonework or marble benchtop? If they’re not in need of repair, then perhaps a fresh coat of paint would work well, if the benchtops are made of suitable material. There’s plenty you can do, even a quick clean and re-arranging of appliances that sit atop them will do wonders for them. 

Pay attention to detail 

Small things often make a big difference in a space like a kitchen. If you want to save money, you have to pay attention to the small things and see what can be replaced at a low cost to give your kitchen a new look. Whether that’s replacing the door handles on cupboard doors to something a bit more modern, or perhaps replacing the light fixtures in certain areas to offer a new look. Regardless of how you choose to do it, the smaller details are where a good kitchen comes together and how you can best save money. 

Putting up new shelves 

This can be a relatively inexpensive way to free up some wall space for something else, replacing a small cabinet, for example, with an open shelf. This can be done by mounting brackets to the wall and securing wooden shelving, which can usually be found cheaply at any discount furniture or in your local hardware store’s clearance section. While the materials aren’t likely to be free, shelving in this fashion is a heck of a lot cheaper than putting up new cabinets. 

Fix your own plumbing 

Instead of playing a plumber to come in and do this work for you, you can easily fix your own leaky faucets. You’ll just need some plumber’s tape and some patience. Simply unscrew the leaky faucet head, take out the o-rings and washers (check your o-rings for corrosion as this is most likely to be the source of your leak), clean them over and clean the inserts where they came out of, then replace the fixings in reverse order. If you need a hand installing your kitchen sink, then get in touch with Tap This Plumbing today!

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