Why Choosing Quality Plumbing Products Is Essential For Repairs

It’s all too easy to take things like running water and a flushing toilet for granted. When something goes wrong, however, minor plumbing issues can quickly become more than an annoyance, and you’ll need to call a licensed plumber for help. 

Regardless of whether you’re a plumber or a property owner, and undertaking repairs or upgrades, one of the things to prioritise in any plumbing job is using quality products. Resorting to cheaper, inferior parts and products might save you a bit of money upfront, but there are many reasons to use higher quality parts and components. 

Here are a few of the many reasons for investing in higher quality products for your plumbing system.

Common plumbing repairs

The water systems in your houses or business premises operate without your active attention for much of the time, but when something goes wrong, it can be disruptive and even become damaging to the property. 

Some of the most common plumbing repairs on the schedule include minor leaks from gas and water lines, running or blocked toilets, clogged drains, dripping faucets, burst pipes, damaged valves, and changes in water pressure.

Why quality products are essential?

Plumbers are also often called upon for emergencies to replace damaged, worn bathroom fixtures and taps. Other, bigger plumbing jobs can include replacing hot water systems, shower bases, bathtubs, and sinks. Using quality plumbing products can assist with:

Preventing water damage 

Plumbing systems deliver vital utility. If they are poorly maintained, it can do a lot of damage to the property through incidents like water leaks and flooding. Using quality plumbing and drainage products can minimise the risk of these unwanted events, as higher quality parts and components tend to last longer and are less prone to mechanical failure. 

Improve hygiene and good health 

With quality products, your plumbing system is better placed to handle clean water and wastewater properly at every stage. From entry to disposal, your system can ensure the best hygiene as well as public health and safety outcomes.

Reduce costs

Quality plumbing products are more durable and tend to be built to higher manufacturing standards. Over the longer term, this can save consumers on repair and maintenance costs, simply by avoiding inferior products that are quick to fail. It can also save plumbers on obligatory call-outs and lost customers when products fail within warranty or guaranteed performance periods. 

Easier installation

Inferior plumbing products might be harder and more time consuming to install. This wastes time for both consumers and plumbing professionals and can result in higher labour costs.

Longevity and performance 

The higher the quality of the product, the more efficiently it’s likely to function for a longer period of time, which leads to happier, more satisfied customers. 

General damage prevention 

Using higher quality parts could make your plumbing system more efficient and less prone to damage overall. For example, a poor quality water valve can damage a hot water tank, which means you’ll need more repairs.


Property owners and others in charge of sites could be liable for water damage and other issues — including accidents — arising from this damage. For example, water damage could increase the risk of electrocution for your site visitors. Similarly, plumbers could be liable in some way if they don’t use certified, quality products, and this causes loss or damage. 


High-quality parts could come with better warranty terms and conditions, which in turn can save both plumbers and consumers more time and money on repairs and maintenance.

Sourcing parts

Using inferior products could make it harder to service and repair plumbing components in the future. For example, if you install a poor-quality toilet and need to replace the tank or another component in the future, you might find it hard to source the replacement parts because the brand has gone out of business. You might need to do a complete system replacement instead of just replacing the damaged part. 

How to check the quality of plumbing products?

In Australia, a WaterMark Certificate is a good way to check whether a drainage or plumbing product is safe, durable, and quality. The scheme is regulated by the Australian government through the Australian Building Codes Board. It includes rigorous testing, certification, and annual auditing processes. 

The schedule of products is extensive, with everything from sanitary pumps to plumbing valves. The scheme is mandatory for certain products, however not all plumbing and drainage products that are required to have WaterMark certification do have it. So where possible, consumers and plumbers should insist on using only products with the certification.

Quality plumbing products are key

Choosing inexpensive, uncertified plumbing products can be tempting if you’re trying to save money, but it could end up costing you more eventually. For both plumbers and consumers, the risks include more repair, maintenance, and replacement costs. 

The higher quality the product, the more time you’ll save on delays, repairs, and repeat work. Customers will be more satisfied with your service, and you could be more likely to win repeat business.

So for consumers, looking out for the WaterMark Certificate is a simple way to find quality plumbing products. In addition, property owners can speak to their plumber for recommendations on the best products for their plumbing job.

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