A 2021 Guide To Remodelling Your Bathroom

It can be intimidating to approach a bathroom from a design perspective, especially if you’ve just moved into a new home. That said, here is everything you need to know about remodelling your bathroom.

A solid plan

Having a vague idea of what you want isn’t going to be helpful when trying to communicate with several builders and other professionals. Unfortunately, not everyone is going to interpret ‘fresh’ or ‘open’ the same way. As such, it’s important that for purposes of remodelling, you can have specific measurements taken and decisions pre-made before the actual work begins. 

Think about where you want the bath or shower, and any lighting or electrical requirement you might need. Of course, there is always a certain level of wiggle room in this, so don’t worry too much if you still want to make some adjustments along the way. 

If you are renovating more than one bathroom in your home, think about functionality. Who uses that bathroom most? Is it more for family use or is it a private ensuite? Cater your bathroom design accordingly for more variety and fun.

It’s recommended you liaise with plumbing professionals to make sure your plan is doable within the structure of your bathroom. No matter if it’s a hand drawn floor plan or a 3D photo realistic design, having this available will enable you to truly picture what the bathroom will eventually look like.

Know your budget (and stick to it)

Successfully planning an achievable layout of your bathroom is the key to creating a financial budget. With the average price of a bathroom renovation costing Australians $17,522, it’s important to make sure you have a general idea of the amount you’re willing to spend. 

For a tighter budget, evaluate the main changes you want to make in your bathroom, and have a professional complete this work for you. It is so important to not compromise on quality when it comes to remodelling, as what may seem like small flaws now will compromise the longevity of your bathroom, causing you to spend more money in the long run. 

Once a professional has finished the main body of work, cut down costs by doing more simple tasks yourself. This can be from painting to furnishing — just make sure you are confident in your capabilities.

For a more extensive renovation, consider breaking down the budgeting by using a budget tracker. This will ensure you don’t accidentally miss out on any costs and will simplify the break-down prices for you. It’s also worth having an ‘extra’ spot on your budget, for any last-minute changes or new ideas that arise. 

The main focus 

As you move away from structural design and more into the interior, decide what sort of bathroom fittings you want. For example, perhaps you would like a free-standing bath for an elegant main focal piece, or maybe a double shower to ease a busy routine? Your plan may have incorporated these aspects already, so once you have made your decision, it is time to shop. 

Shopping for a renovation may feel overwhelming at first, with lots of intricate products and jargon you’ve never heard of. But, fear not, shopping with the help of a bathroom interior consultant can massively help with those tricky decisions. Take the time to talk to a professional consultant about what your vision is for your bathroom, detailing what you’d like as the main focus and where you want it. Feel free to present colour schemes or textures you’ve taken an interest in, and your consultant can then provide you with several options that match your taste. 

Choosing lighting

So you now have a plan, budget, and potential bathroom set picked out — but what about the lighting? Dark and dim lighting can instantly make bathrooms look smaller and less visually appealing. 

You want to be able to show off your hard work, so don’t let bad lighting ruin it. Maximise natural light by using frosted glass on windows instead of blinds, and use a large mirror to help light bounce around the room. With these key renovation aspects nailed, you’ll have a beautiful bathroom in no time. If you need a hand with remodeling your bathroom, then get in touch with Tap This Plumbing today!

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